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The most precious Relic, 珍贵的佛牙舍利

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The Tooth Relic is house in this golden castet placed securely in the inner chamber of the Dalada Maligawa.

The most precious Relic – 珍贵的佛牙舍利

Sri Dalada – the Sacred Tooth Relic – now housed in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital is the most venerated object by millions of Buddhists throughout the world.

In the ninth year (312 A.D.) of the reign of the Anuradhapura King Sirimeghavanna (303-331 A.D.). The Tooth Relic was brought by a princess disguised as a Brahmin lady, Princess Hemamala, the daughter of King Guhaseeva of Dantpura (Orissa) was accompanied by Prince Danta, his son-in-law. The King received the Relic with honour, kept it in a shrine within the Royal Palace and held an annual festival at which it was taken in procession to the Abhyagiri Vihara and exhibited to the people.

Foreign invasions and civil war disturbed the peace in the country from time to time and often resulted in the destruction of temples. The monks, however, ensured the protection of the Tooth Relic by taking it away from the capital and hiding it in various places. The Relic was brought back when peace dawned.

Rare dual-face Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang. 雙面 – 拍颂绿越拉康

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Rare dual-face Phra Somdej Wat Rakang Pendant, face 1.

Rare dual-face Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang pendant, face 2.

side section view

side section view

This is rare and hard to find in the market and priceless, There are many people who has heard of  dual-face Wat rakhang Somdej but have never seen one before, now i will show and share to all Somdej collectors.

此枚双面  “  拍颂绿 越拉康 大模 佛牌  ”   非常 稀有, 而且其已 经历一定非常的年代  –  见其 圣土 已呈 扭曲 及 收束 结实,更 神奇 的是 佛牌的 表面长出不少的 米粒 舍利,( Relics )  此枚佛牌出自那位高僧之手尚是个谜, ( 坊间有流传许多的传说, 其一;说是当年大师只限量制造给寺内僧侣  ) 。

Art of Stone – Relic 金刚舍利

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Relic - 6cm

金刚舍利石乃产自泰国和缅甸边区的龙宫洞 , ( 一群苦行僧修行的山洞  ) 金刚舍利其密度极高 , 气感超强 , 非常耐撞击 , 用一般 30 磅铁锤直击也奈何不了它  。  目前金刚舍利石已被泰国列为国家宝石 , 严禁开采和出口 。 金刚舍利石乃由石心自然孕育而出 , 非常神奇 , 它可吸取人们身上的浊气 – 酸毒  。 也是保健和护身宝石 。

Goddess of Mercy-Kuan Yin Bodhisattva 觀世音

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Kuan Yin 观音菩萨法相


Guan Yin 观音普萨法相

Thailand holy stone “ Dragon Palace of Relic ”

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva image

泰国矿宝 – “ 龙宫舍利 ”  观世音菩萨雕像.

“寻声救苦观世音菩萨”  观世音菩萨愿力 : 千处祈求千处现、 苦海常作渡人舟。


龍宮舍利 是與 金剛舍利 相互間之黏壁生成 , 俱玉質之溫潤與剔透性, 具有相當大的靈氣與磁場
目前已禁止開採, 產於緬甸邊區龍宮洞,據說古時有 一群苦行僧修行於洞中,圓寂坐化後高僧全身金剛法體舍利之罡氣與天地間之靈氣凝結於洞中靈石,長時間演化,靈石長出一粒粒舍利子為有生命與靈氣之靈石,稱 為金剛舍利及龍宮舍利泰國政府列為國寶,舍利具相當大之靈氣與磁場非常不可思議.
舍利的作用,若持有舍利者 : 可逢凶化吉,避災解難; 受天人護法和其他眾生的護持、尊敬,避免非人、魔障干擾﹔重業輕報 。。。。

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