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Chao Khun Nor’s, ~ Phra Somdej

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Somdej Chao Khun Nor’s


Wat Dhepsirin

Dhan Chao Khun Noraratanarajmanit, or Chao Khun Nor,  was one of Thailand’s most revered monks. The Buddha amulets he blessed are still considered very sacred and are highly sought after by collectors and devotees.

This piece shown is the Phra Phim Somdej “U” at the back, created by Chao Khun Nor’s, B.E.,2513, Wat Dhepsirin, Bangkok.

Chao Koon Nor

Chao Khun Nor’s

B.E.2440 ~ B.E.2514

The spiritual values of Phra Phim Somdej image are concerned with; increasing charms and loving-kindness, enriching prosperity through business dealing, promoting good health and most importantly preventing ~ missing accident and promoting safety…

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