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拍顺哥 Soomkor-Kamphangphet

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Phra Somkor

Phra Somkor

Phra  Kamphang Soonkor Buddha Pendant,size medium, Kamphangphet.

This medium size Phra Somkor amulet is sometimes called ‘Buddha of Fortune’.  It was said that when an inscription was found, what written in the chidi ( Pagoda ) was: “Poverty will never fall on those who possess this amulet”.  The amulets were from Kamphengphet province.  The buddha image seems to have a mixture of Sukhothai style and Sri Lanka style and they are estimated to be made approximately 500 years ago.  A layer of calcium covers the surface of the buddha penant, thus proving authenticity of its ancient history.

五方佛之 ~ 富贵佛 , 拍甘烹碧顺哥佛牌 ,中模佛像 , 甘烹碧府

此尊中模型甘烹碧顺哥 ” 富贵佛 “ 佛牌乃在泰国甘烹碧府超过五百年的舍利塔里被发现的, 而在舍利塔里也发现了古代先知遗留下的经文 ~ 谓 : ” 如能拥有塔里留下的拍顺哥佛牌,他的一生都不会落入贫穷和困苦 。  ”   佛像的型体沿自素可泰朝代和斯里兰卡时代的传承.

而佛像的表层遗留下的钙化痕迹, 需要经过五至六百年的风霜岁月才能形成, 绝非手工所能仿造.  此或是拍甘烹碧顺哥佛像能列入泰国五方佛像珍贵的原因之一吧 !

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