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Somdej Wat RaKhang Pim Ket Bu Tum

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Phra Somdej Wat Rakang

Pim Ket Bu Tum


Wat Changhai Medals B.E.2503 LP Thuad

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The Third-Batches Wat Changhai Medals

(Sema Style)

Phra LuangPu Thuad B.E.2503

created by Ajahn Tim

越昌海寺 圣僧龙菩托 佛历2503年

第三期勋章 – 阿曾添亲督制


Phra LuangPu Thuad


The third types possess miraculous virtues in experiences especially the escapade from dangers and the invulnerability, for examples:-

1) During the time when there was a war at the borders, about 7-8 Thai people were shot, They were dead except a man who had the third batch of Sema-shape on his neck was alive.

2) A young man in the North was shot during driving his Jeep outside the City, The jeep was turned over many times, but that man wasn’t hurt a little bit, and the fact was that he had the third time Sema-medal with him.


In very early days,

AJ Tim is lower center with his good friend AJ Nong upper left.


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Photo of Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lananri, Royong

Holy Timber Phra Pidta

Holy Timber PHRA PIDTA

base contain holy powder

created by Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lananri



銮菩添大师亲雕制, 稀有

Phra LuangPu Parn, 銮菩班顺德神鱼牌

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Rian Luangpu Parn

Rian LuangPu Parn, Holy Fish undered style, Wat Bangnumko, AYUDHYA. 泰国大城府, 銮菩班顺德神鱼。

圣僧銮菩班 LP Parn (佛历2418-2481) 是Wat BangNumKo 的前主持。为泰国十大著名圣僧之一。有闻名於开门锁四字真言“NA MA PA THA” 及 “亿万招财神咒”。曾督造出无人不知,最有名的 “顺德神兽牌”。 特别之处: 这批推出的佛牌是依照 Wat BangNumKo  顺德神兽老牌制造。前面是顺德和神鸡。背面有招财印及古经文,还加上了殊胜的法物。 佩带功效:福运增长。旺生意。事业平步青云。财宝丰盈。受用无尽。

Phra Luang Pu Thuad, 显圣高僧龙菩托

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Phra Luang Pu Thuad

Phra Luang Pu Thuad

Phra Luang Pu Thuad, “Kong Dhun Songrah” B.E.2534.

Phra Luang Pu Thuad of this batch (wahn image) were created in 26th Nov 2534 at Wat Changhai to collect money to setup foundation for the welfare of public.

Phra Pidta, 必达-遮目佛

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Phra Pidta, Luang Phor Yam

越沙攀顺拍必达屏差律, 銮菩炎大师制, “粉漆混制佛像” 

泰语称为 必达 ~ Pidta. 根据传说:

佛祖坐下有一位弟子,名為 “拍馬哈格咋也納”,他非常聰敏、長相俊朗、人缘很好、而且相貌又和佛祖有幾分神似,所以许多善信都很喜欢他, 更有善信誤認他為佛祖, 所以到任何地方都受到善信们的爱戴,尤其是一些女善信, 更是特別的熱誠殷勤, 由于这些缘故反而使他的修行路造成负面的障碍,部份师兄弟之間开始有许多的流言绯语,說他與女子有染而犯下重戒。

“拍馬哈格咋也納” 有鉴于此,为避免这些不利的流言持继流传开来,便利用神通力將容貌改变、变得矮小、肥胖,这也是现今称为 “善加财” 的法相, 但這还是不能令善信们改变对他的热诚态度,因此 “拍馬哈格咋也納” 便將眼長期合上,不理會別人對他的態度及闲言,非礼勿视、勿听、勿言、只一心一意认真的修行…..

故有 “拍必打” 的称谓。

泰国佛教信徒们都相信, 凡佩戴必打佛者,得人缘六合,  可招财顺利,还可得心神安静,心定-增智慧,并且能避开对自己不利的小人,更有避邪挡降的功效,在泰国佛教文献记载里,很少有一尊神佛同时具备如此多的功效。所以必打佛不论在泰国,香港,台湾还是新加坡,马来西亚一带都非常受欢迎。

Phra Pidta, high shaped, Luang Phor Yam, Wat Sapansung,


The amulet is powder based mixed with holy materials and the black-varnish tree powder.

The amulet is approximately in B.E. 2410 The Pims that found public favour are called “Pim Dhamada”

Phra Pidta is supposed to offer various levels of protection, and indeed it can if we remember that our misfortune arises from what we see, say or hear.; Pidta cover his eyes to remind us to beware of what we see; cover his mouth to remind us of the dangers of the tongue and his ear to draw our attention to the dangers of gossip…

Phra Khun Paen, 坤平将军

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Phra KhunPaen - face

Phra KhunPaen - rear

Phra Khun Paen image, Wat Yannsen, Ayutthaya.

Phra Khun Paen image, Glazed facing style, created by Luang Phor  Chuen, B.E.2545, Wat Yannsen, Ayutthaya.

Khun Paen was the name of a legendary Thai general who won various victories in wars.  Apart from being a skilful swordsman, he was believed to possess great magical power, as it was believed that this amulet can grant the wearer with great personal protection against evil, harms and dangers. Many who had heard about Khun Paen image also must have known about its efficiency in improving one’s popularity and enhancing social relationship with people around….

大城府, 上釉面坤平将军佛像, 佛历2545, 銮菩次大师制.

坤平将军据泰国佛教徒相信诚心供奉, 即能得坤平将军的护持, 谋事无往不利, 心想事成.,

坤平将军佛牌功能: 人缘六合、百战百胜、避邪化险、出入平安.

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