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Phra LP Thuad – LangTaoRit 2505B.E.

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Phra LuangPu Thuad – LangTaoRit

(Iron’s backside Mould)

Phim Yai A(Large A Mould)

Wat ChangHai B.E.2505


Phra LuangPu Thuad LangTaoRit (Iron’s backside Mould) Phim Yai A (Large A Mould) of Wat ChangHai (Pattani)

was created in B.E.2505

This ceremony was one of the biggest conducted by Acharn Tim of Wat ChangHai. Phra LuangPu Thuad LangTaoRit, Phim Yai A is the most popular mould produced in this batch.

The condition of this piece is very well maintained

The 3 Grand Sacred Thai Amulets

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The 3 Grand Sacred Thai Amulets


Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang

Pim Yai

Phra Somdej were created by Somdej Phra BuddhaJahn Toh Prommarangsri (Somdej Toh). He’s a son of King Rama I. He started to make Phra Somdej amulets in B.E.2409. Materials for making Phra somdej comprise: Shell lime, holy powder, assorted flowers from shine, rice, lotus, ashes, honey, banana, tang oil, etc. Then chanted with spells and meditate. To bless every life in this world for good karma and strong protection against negative energy. Total of 84,000 amulets was made at the time. Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang is once of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand.


Phra Luang Pu Thuad

Wat Chang Hai


Wahn made

LuangPu Thuad Somdej Jao Pakora – Wat Changhai,  Pattanee

Many people in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia believe that amulets created in Luang Pu Thuad’s image hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents. Ajahn Tim Dharmataro, abbot of Wat Chang Hai is the pioneer creator of Phra Luang Pu Thuad amulets.

Older, sacred amulets of Luang Pu Thuad are considered priceless and very powerful.


Phra Pidta

LP Keaw

Wat KeWan

Phra Pidta is supposed to offer various levels of protection, and indeed it can if we remember that our misfortune arises from what we see, say or hear;

Pidta cover his eyes to remind us to beware of what we see; cover his mouth to remind us of the dangers of the tongue and his ear to draw our attention to the dangers of gossip….

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