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Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom 崇迪 满坤逢 大模

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Phra Somdej BangKhunProm

Phim Yai

Wat BangKhunProm


somdej toh katha dsc06190

Somdej Phra Phuttacharn (Toh Promrungsri)

B.E.2331 ~ B.E.2415



Medals of Phra LuangPu Thuad, B.E.2505

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Phra LuangPu Thuad


Wat Mahadhatu Yuvaraj Rangsarit


The consecration was held by :

1, LP Ngeon, Wat Don Yai Hom

2, LP Te, Wat Sam Ngam

3, LP Nak, Wat Rakhang

4, LP Ki, Wat Hu Chang

5, LP Toh, Wat Praduchimphil

6, LP Sud, Wat Ka Long

7, LP Thir, Wat Palelai

8, Acarya Tim, Wat Changhai

Wat-MahadhatuMahathu download

Wat Mahadhatu Yuvaraj Rangsarit


Somdej Wat In, Luang Phor Phoo – 銮婆 富

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銮婆 蒲 颂绿

Phra Somdej Wat In

 Wat Intaraviharn 

Created by Luang Phor Phoo


Lp phoo

Luang Phor Phoo

Holy Grandfather

銮婆蒲大师 法像


Wat Intaraviharn 


Phra Chinnaraj B.E.2485 Phitsanulok, 成功佛

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 Phra Chinnaraj




Created by Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahatat Woramahawihan

(Wat Yai)


Phitsanulok Province

Wat Yai is famous throughout Thailand for its golden sculpture of the Buddha called the Phra Buddha Chinnaraj (พระพุทธชินราช). Many Thai people consider the Phra Buddha Chinnaraj to be the most beautiful Buddha portrait in Thailand. It depicts Buddha in the posture of overcoming Mara (ปางมารวิชัย), also called Mara submission. A stone inscription indicated that he was molded over 700 years ago by a King Mahathamaracha Lithai of Sukhothai dynasty. Several faithful copies of the Phra Buddha Chinnarat are displayed in other temples, including Wat Benchamabophit in Bangkok and Wat Saranat Thammaram in Rayong. Also, the Phra Buddha Chinnaraj is depicted on the official seal of the Phitsanulok Province.


Phra Buddha Chinarajn image Protection, dispelling evil, bringing wealth by promoting smoothness in our endeavor, success, loving kindness, good luck, family harmony, etc.

Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang

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__sd 2

Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang

LuangPu Thuad – LangTaoRit 2505B.E.

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Phra LuangPu Thuad – LangTaoRit

(Iron’s backside Mould)

Phim Yai A

(Large A Mould)

Wat ChangHai B.E.2505


Chao Khun Nor’s, ~ Phra Somdej

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Somdej Chao Khun Nor’s


Wat Dhepsirin

Dhan Chao Khun Noraratanarajmanit, or Chao Khun Nor,  was one of Thailand’s most revered monks. The Buddha amulets he blessed are still considered very sacred and are highly sought after by collectors and devotees.

This piece shown is the Phra Phim Somdej “U” at the back, created by Chao Khun Nor’s, B.E.,2513, Wat Dhepsirin, Bangkok.

Chao Koon Nor

Chao Khun Nor’s

B.E.2440 ~ B.E.2514

The spiritual values of Phra Phim Somdej image are concerned with; increasing charms and loving-kindness, enriching prosperity through business dealing, promoting good health and most importantly preventing ~ missing accident and promoting safety…

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