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Phra Lila – Walking Buddha, Kamphangphet

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甘烹碧府, “拍厘拉甘烹碧 ” ~ 金泊面圣土佛像

Phra Lila, Tung Sesthi

“Walking Buddha”


Phra Lila (Walking Buddha) brings good fortune and wealth to the wearer.

A wearer will have the ability to see good opportunities as well as obtaining them.

Phra Leela will help a wearer to walk through obstacles in life as well protecting them from danger.

Business people will see that there is a lot of help obtained in their business as well as the luck of attracting people of higher power.

Phra Leela, Chao Khun Nor

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Phra Lila, Tung Sesthi

Created by Chao Khun Nor 

Wat Dhepsirin



Chao Khun Nor’s

B.E.2440 ~ B.E.2514

Phra Lila, Kamphangphet

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Phra Lila, Tung Sesthi


Phra Lila

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Phra Lila Tung Sesthi

Tung Sesthi Buddha, Kamphangphet 富貴佛

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Tung Sesthi

Tung Sesthi

Tung Sesthi Buddha, Phra Lila ( Walking Buddha ) Kamphangphet

Medium size Tung Sesthi Buddha “ Phra Lila ” image  is sometimes called ‘ BUDDHA  of  FORTUNE ’.  It was said that when an inscription was found, what written in the chidi ( Pagoda ) was: “Poverty will never fall on those who possess this amulet”.  The amulets were from Kamphengphet province.  The buddha image seems to have a mixture of Sukhothai style and Sri Lankan style and they are estimated to be made approximately 500 years ago.  A layer of calcium covers the surface of the buddha penant, thus proving authenticity of its ancient history.

五方佛之“ 富贵佛 ” 甘烹碧府拍屯实提、利拉甘烹碧

中模型甘烹碧屯實提 “ 利拉 富贵佛 ”   佛牌乃在泰国甘烹碧府超过五百年的舍利塔里被发现的, 而在舍利塔里也发现了古代先知遗留下的经文 ~ 谓 : ” 如能拥有塔里留下的拍顺哥、或 利拉佛牌,他的一生都不会落入贫穷和困苦 。  ”   佛像的型体沿自素可泰朝代和斯里兰卡时代的传承.

Phra LiLa, Tung Sesthi ~ Walking Buddha.

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Phra LiLa

Phra LiLa

Phra Li La ,  (  Tung Sesthi ~ Walking Buddha  )  Wat Ornoi.  ( Silver alloy )  over 700 years, Kamphangphet.

甘烹碧府 , “ 拍厘拉甘烹碧 ~ 考秦银 “ 佛像 。 佛像年鉴 :约七百年以上 。

Phra Leela, Tung Sesthi 香味 药草 行走佛

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香味 药草 行走佛

Phra Tung Sesthi – Leela

whan made

Wat Tom Noi


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