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Medal of Luang Phor Ngern B.E.2498

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Medal of Luang Phor Ngern


Wat Dorn Yai Horm


LP Ngern Wat Donyaihom 1

Luang Phor Ngern Juntasuwanno, Wat DonYaiHom was born on the 16thSeptember BE 2433, or the 10th month of the tiger year according to the Thai lunar calendar. He was ordained on May 18th BE 2453, aged 20, and died on the 13thJanuary BE 2520, having served Buddhism for 66 years.

His most famous and popular series of sacred amulets was created in B.E.2492 on the occasion of his 60th -birthday-celebration ceremony. These amulets were called Rian Bai Sema because they were designed like Bai Sema (the Thai-classical-leaf-shape stones, which were usually put on the top of temple fences) and all of the amulets were made of copper covered with rak.

He also created several other series of famous amulets, including rien and phra pong.

LP Ngern was considered a great and merciful monk. Known for his strict adherence to the Tripitaka and extremely knowledgeable in Wicha and Kaata Akom.

His followers believed that he possessed the power to accomplish Apinya or dark magic. People who are in possession of his amulets have on many occasions reported amazing good fortune..

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