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Photo of Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lananri, Royong

Holy Timber Phra Pidta

Holy Timber PHRA PIDTA

base contain holy powder

created by Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lananri



銮菩添大师亲雕制, 稀有

Luang Phor Tim, Wat Lahanrai, Royong.

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Photo of Luang Phor Tim, B.E.2422 ~ 2518, Wat Lahanrai, Royong.

Luang Phor Tim’s was born in Ban Hua Tunnttabuon, Tambon Laharn, Ampher Bannkaii, Chengwat Rayong. His name is Tim, family name is Ngamsii and he was born in the year of the Rabbit, on 16 June BE2422.

Luang Phor Tim.’s was a strict practitioner of the Dhamma. For 50 years Luang Phor Tim’s would always take his meal at 7 am and his afternoon tea at 4 pm and he was also a vegetarian. Luang Phor Tim’s passes away on 18 October BE2518 and he was in the Sangha for 72 years.

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