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Phra Sankajai, Luang Phor Liu

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Phra Sankajai

Luang Phor Liu

lp liu

Wat Sanham Yae


Phra Sangkachai Nur Nawaloha B.E.2522

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Phra Sangkachai

3 code Nur Nawaloha

Wat Pradoochimpee

LP Toh


The quantity made were 3 pieces for gold and 5,000 pieces for Nur Nawaloha (Nawak)

lptoh LP Toh

Luang Phor Toh

Phra Sankajai, Lunag Phor Ngren

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Phra Sankajai

Wat Bangklan


lp_ngern4 Luang Phor Ngren

Phra Sankajai, Wat Intaraviharn, 善嘉财 财佛

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善嘉财 五角型 财佛

Phra Sankajai

Sankajai  5 – sided

 Wat Intaraviharn 

Created by Luang Phor Phoo


Lp phoo

Luang Phor Phoo

Holy Grandfather

銮婆蒲大师 法像

Phra Sankajai、LP Phae

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Phra Sankajai


created by Luang Phor Phae

Wat Phikunthong


Sankaccaya, Luang Phor Liu

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Sankaccaya, Luang Phor Liu, Thao-Yai style, 1st batch, created by Luang Phor Liu, Wat Sanham-Yae,


Phra Sankajai (Maitreya Buddha) 善迦财佛

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Phra Sankajai image, made by solid gold. 1.2 X 1.4cm

Buddha amulets of  Sankajai possessed broad spiritual values with respect to increasing charms and loving-kindness, promoting prosperity luck, escaping from dangers and enhancing safety and attaining proof-against weapons.

base of Phra Sankajai 1.2cm

纯金 财佛、善迦财 在泰國 民眾心目中,極有名的 招財佛,也称为未来佛弥勒、只要信奉他,就會與 貧窮畫上句號,遠離貧窮走向財富 (俗稱泰國財佛)

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